Your baby’s mealtimes are going to change your daily routine from the  moment your child is born.

The first months your baby will be exclusively fed with milk, whether it is maternal or powdered formula.  A maternity cushion will help you feel comfortable with either of these methods, and will also be helpful during pregnancy to sleep more easily.

Before the birth, your maternity case should consist of your nursing bra, chosen to be a cup size bigger than the bra you’ll be wearing towards the end of the pregnancy.  With your bra, you will need protection pads, disposable or cotton, and Silverette nursing cups, which are for nipple protection. These silver cups are to be worn between feeds to avoid having cracked skin and to help healing. You may also find that silicone nipple shields help with feeding, especially if your baby can’t easily grasp your nipple.

If you prefer to bottle feed, you will need about 6 baby bottles during the day. The brands Mam and Avent are renowned, and with these you will require a bottle brush and an unharmful and anti allergic washing up liquid made with babies in mind, for example from the Attitude brand.  A steriliser will be useful for the first months, not only for cleaning baby bottles but also for soothers, teats, and to sterilise your breast pump.

A bottle warmer is helpful to heat milk to the desired temperature, this will later be useful for heating pots of purée.  When baby starts on solids around 4 months old, you will need bowls, plates, spoons and bibs. A food cooker-blender makes healthy steamed baby purées in a matter of minutes, and a trainer cup helps baby make the step from bottle to cup easier. Perhaps one of the most important articles is the highchair, so feeding is a comfy and enjoyable event. The brands Stokke, Beaba, Avent and Mam are key brands in the mealtimes of your growing child.

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