Sometimes we don’t know which toys are adapted to what age child, and trying to choose something becomes difficult. In Au Berceau d’Or we can advise you on the best toys to buy for the age of your baby.

Up to 6 months

Baby will appreciate hanging toys and mobiles, things that move and make noise. He will want to touch different textures and fabrics – rattles and cuddly toys will awake his curiosity. Books for his age group, made from different materials, plastic or cardboard will be of great interest.

From 7 months

Your child will start using his hands for many minutes, passing objects from one hand to another. He will want to pile bricks or boxes, putting shapes into holes, although he won’t succeed for a while. When he can sit easily he’ll love playing with soft balls and anything that makes a noise. All of these games will keep him amused for long periods, and can be accompanied by music and rhymes.

From 9 months

Anything that moves, from cars to puppets, will be of great interest.  Baby will still love his blocks and shapes, all helping with his motor skills, but will now be interested in listening to books you will read to him too.

From 10 months

New sensations are attractive, whether it be paint on baby’s hands and feet, or playing with water. Water games will make bathtimes fun, discovering that water can pass through holes and make things move. Bright colours are always an attraction

From 11 months

Your child will start to want to stand and hang on to things, starting to learn to walk. A wooden or plastic baby walker will be fun and helpful, and is adapted to your child’s height. Walkers may have some toys attatched to them which make noise or flash lights for extra fun.

From 12 months

Toddlers love copying others, and will reproduce gestures he sees. This means any pretend play is most attractive, doing things like ‘big people’, playing at cooking or construction. Books and music are treasured and a whole new world can be discovered now your child can move on his own!

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