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For bathtime, Au Berceau d’Or makes life easier with a selection of bath tubs adapted to the age of your baby and the space you have in the bathroom.

For the first months a bath stand is essential so baby is at your height without you having to bend.

Stokke makes a foldable bathtub which is compact and lightweight, and can be used from birth. It can be folded on its stand, and without the stand the bath can be used for children up to 4 years old.  This tub is very handy for travelling with.

Zewi has a large choice of hard plastic baths, which can be placed on a stand or in your own tub or shower unit. It has a plug to empty the water easily, and you can add a “hands free” support to place baby in – this will reassure both new parents and the baby!

For the first months you can also use a floating matress, in either a bath or sink. Doomoo make a polystyrene floating bath cushion, baby will feel reassured, and you can bathe him without effort.

A thermometer is important for the first months when baby is still fragile. Water should be at 37°C to insure a stable temperature for your little one.

From 6 months old your child will start to sit, and a Flipper bath ring will be ideal. It is suctioned to the bottom of your own bath or shower unit – baby can’t fall and you will have both hands free to wash or rince.   Think about a non-slip bath mat and water toys for a fun moment for both child and parents!

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