Baby’s safety is priority from the moment you are home from the maternity. For each age, Au Berceau d’Or can advise you on how best to secure your home and baby’s environment.

From Birth

Your newborn will be mostly sleeping in the first months, so to have a reassuring eye or ear on baby’s bed you will need a babyphone, with or without video. We have several brands to choose from, including those connected to your smartphone, so you can see any movement, even from a distance.

From 9 months

Your child will start to crawl and move around his space. Help keep him out of danger by anticipating any accidents, whether it be with drawer locks or door stops, cushioned corners or socket plugs, make sure baby’s environment is a safe place for him to explore.

From 12 months

As your child becomes more and more independent, you will need to protect him from falling out of bed or down the stairs.  To keep him in or out, Au Berceau d’Or keeps a selection or barriers to  fix onto walls, stairs or your child’s bed.


Before learning to swim, your child will feel confident in the pool or sea equiped with arm bands or floating seat, adapted to his age and weight.

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