Your stroller, one of the most important buys for new parents!  Your child should go out every day, for fresh air and daylight, so you will need to choose a stroller adapted to your personal needs.

From birth until around 6 months old your baby will be in a carry cot for his walks. It is also possible to use your car seat for shorter walks, with adapters to attatch it to your stroller, however it is always better that baby is laying flat as much as possible.  After the carry cot your child can use the sitting position of your stroller until 3 or 4 years old (22kg).

The best stroller for your family depends on your lifestyle, choose either a City Stroller or  an All Terrain. Your choice will also take into account the space available at home and where the stroller will be stored, not forgetting the space in your lift or entrance hall of your building.

The city stroller is compact and lightweight, easy to maneuver in public transport or at the creche. It will fold small and take up little space.

The all terrain will glide you through the countryside, mountains and the coast, comfortable in snow or gravel. Going on long walks your family will be a pleasure for you all.

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