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Bouncers are a very practical accessory for your child.  From birth your baby will be laying comfortably where he can see you, as he grows you can sit him in up to 5 positions, for sleeping, feeding or play.  These loungers can be used for up to 2 years (BabyBjörn), 60 kgs (Nuna Leaf Grow) or up to 9 kgs, depending on the model.

Au Berceau d’Or we have a selection of swinging chairs on a support, from birth to 9 kg.  They can be plugged into the wall for automatic swinging, with or without music to soothe baby. They are especially advised for agitated babies who need to be in your arms to be rocked.

A lightweight bouncer is easy to transport from room to room, or when travelling. They are typically on ground level.

If you have animals, a higher chair is better to keep baby away from your pets.

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