Play time

From birth your baby will need to be both relaxed and stimulated. Au Berceau d’Or you will find numerous accessories made especially to help keep your child happy, and to help in his sensorial development.  Baby will learn through touching different shapes and textures, listening to music, and seeing different colours.

From birth to 3 months

Baby is getting to know you and your voice. Read to him from our fabric books, sing to him, and use rattles to stimulate his hearing.  Suspended toys and mobiles with different music and shapes will also occupy him from the first weeks.

4 to 6 months

Baby’s sight is improving and he can differentiate colours and shapes on his toy arch. He will start to grasp things in his hand. Give your baby different textures to touch, material books, rattles, wooden or plastic cubes. Play with finger puppets, and at bathtime squeeze water squirters for his enjoyment!

From 8 months

Baby wants to touch everything and put everything in his mouth! Exploring his world on all fours, on his play mat and with anything that rolls, bounces or stacks. Shortly baby will want to stand on his legs to start learning to walk, anything he can push around is going to be of great interest.

Essentials for development

Rattles, musical mobiles, books, balls, cubes and playmat

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