The baby’s park is a safe place for your baby in every sense of the term. Not only will he feel safe there, with his toys and music, you will also have peace of mind knowing that he is in a secured space adapted especially to him. He will learn to play alone, developing his imagination, and stimulating his motor skills.

We have two types of park, with wooden bars, or fabric mesh.

The foldable wooden park comes with or without wheels, has a wooden base with a matressed layer, and the height can be adjusted. You can also add a bumper around the bars if necessary, which is sold separately. The advantage of the park with bars is that your baby can help pull himself up easily, the first step to learning to walk!

The mesh park is light and compact and easy to move about with. It has its own travel bag for storage and transport. The edges and corners are matressed to protect baby, the hight is not adjustable.


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