Babyphones and cameras

Au Berceau d’Or we understand your need to know that baby is safe and sound while he is asleep in his bedroom.  We have a selection of baby phones and cameras that permit you see or hear what is happening during nap times.

Video camera

In your child’s room you will have the baby unit camera, placed minimum one metre away from your baby. This will be plugged into a socket and will remain in place. With you, the parent unit receiver, which will be recharged regularly, usually a screen on which you can check on baby’s safety, with image and sound.  Some models, for example from Avent or Beaba, can also be linked to an app on your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on the bedroom from outside of the home, via WIFI.  Most babyphones have basic functions from distance, for example the volume and movement of the camera, some models let you talk to baby to soothe him without entering the room, others have movement detectors, temperature and humidity sensors.

Audio Monitors

If you only need to hear what is happening in your child’s room, we have more simple digital audio monitors. These may have a night light, projector, two-way talk-back speakers and temperature sensors. The baby unit will stay in the bedroom and the receiver can be clipped on your belt and move around with you inside your home.

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