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Cuddly toys are comforting to a baby, and they help calm a child when he is separated temporarily from his parents.  It is a transitional object which will remind the baby of home, helping him to gain confidence when he is in a new situation – at the crèche, at the doctors, with the babysitter etc.  With help from his ‘doudou’ he will learn to spend time alone, feeling safer whilst at the same time becoming more independant.

In our boutique we have a large selection of ‘doudous’, traditional cuddly toys or bears, with or without music, adapted to each age.  For a small baby the best ones have short fur and no sewn-on buttons, which could be swallowed!

Tartine & Chocolat brand are our best sellers, they are both classic and timeless, going through generations. Their emblem is Léon the Hedgehog, joined by many other animals, waiting to live your baby’s adventure side by side.

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