Bath and bedroom thermometer

CHF 34.90

The Philips AVENT digital bath and bedroom thermometer performs two roles, monitoring both bath and bedroom temperatures. On the other hand, it has also been designed and tested as a fun and safe bath toy.

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Complies with safety and toy standards : Products that comply with the toy safety standard have been rigorously tested to ensure their compliance and safety.

Safe and fun : Designed for babies of all ages to use as a safe and fun bath toy.

Accurate reading of the temperature in the room and the bath: The digital bath and bedroom thermometer allows you to easily know the temperature of your baby’s bath or bedroom. Your baby will be more comfortable in a bath whose water is between 36.5 and 38 ° C. A temperature of 39 ° C or higher is too hot and could burn your baby! Babies are more comfortable sleeping in a room with a temperature of around 18 ° C.