Glass meal box

CHF 49.90



BEABA has joined forces with the famous brand DURALEX to offer you the first healthy baby meal set, entirely made in France.

The box is composed of a plate, a bowl and a glass goblet accompanied by a base in flexible material. Designed to avoid incidents, the flexible bases of the plate and bowl have suction cups to adhere to the table or high chair shelf.

  • Glass tableware: healthy and hygienic material that resists scratches, does not retain odors or stains.
  • Partnership with DURALEX: a guarantee of quality and a product 100% made in France.
  • Suction cups under the plates and the bowl: to adhere to the table and limit incidents.
  • Ergonomic shapes: to help baby in his phase of learning to eat.
  • Scalable range, which accompanies the child as he grows.
  • Maintenance: Hand wash or in the dishwasher for glass elements (dishwasher not recommended for flexible elements).


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