Bottle preparer Bib’expresso

CHF 119.00

  • Bottle preparer and bottle / pot warmer
  • The fastest on the market: hot water from 30 seconds to keep baby waiting
  • Simple and intuitive to prepare a bottle with one hand
  • Water bath function to heat small jars and bottles
  • The bottle is always at the right temperature thanks to direct water control
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Dispenses heated water directly into the bottle, at the touch of a finger: convenient and easy to use.

Direct control of the water temperature with 2 possible choices, 22 and 37 ° C: guarantees a precise and suitable temperature.

Nomadic removable bain-marie function: to heat baby bottles and jars everywhere.

Removable and nestable upper part in the base: a compact design very useful for storage and movement.

Maintenance: Sponge and soapy water. Regular descaling with BÉABA® maintenance product or kitchen vinegar.