Star mood projector

CHF 87.90



MilkyWay soothes children at bedtime thanks to its projection of a galaxy of animated stars and its soft music. Thanks to these expert sleep cycles, MilkyWay is really effective in putting children to sleep. It offers 2 scenarios (20 or 40 minutes) to appease the calmest and most agitated children. Each preprogrammed scenario is based on many parameters that include different rhythms and light effects that follow a precise orchestration, designed to appease the toughest children. These scenarios are broken down into 3 phases of decreasing intensity. Phase 1 allows you to capture baby’s attention (animations and lively music), phase 2 allows you to calm baby (softer animations and music) and phase 3 allows you to accompany the child towards its sleep (minimal animations without music). Finally, the option “wake up to tears” allows the projector to restart itself if the child cries. Thanks to the soothing heart sounds and the soft light projections, baby is reassured and can go back to sleep on his own. Hopefully the parents can stay in bed.