Sophie the giraffe

CHF 25.90

Characteristics :

  • Natural rubber
  • From birth
  • Product dimensions: H18 x W9 x D5 cm

Delivery time: 5-6 business days


The first baby toy that awakens all his senses:

The view : The dark and contrasting spots all over the body,  attracts babies eyes and becomes a familiar and reassuring object for babies who easily recognizes it.

Hearing : Equipped with a whistle, it entertains and stimulates babies hearing and helps them to understand the cause and effect relationship.

The taste : supple and endowed with many parts to chew on (ears, horns, legs), it is ideal for relieving babies gums during teething. Composed of 100% natural rubber and paint suitable for food contact, it is safe for babies.

The touch : light, it is perfectly suited to babies little hands and it’s long legs and neck make it easy to grip.