Natural manual breast pump and a Natural 125ml bottle

CHF 79.90

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The pack contains a Natural manual breast pump and a Natural 125 ml bottle.

With this uniquely designed breast pump, milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you are sitting upright. So you can sit more comfortably: no need to lean forward to ensure that all the milk is collected in the bottle. If you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk will come more easily.

The soft massage cushion gently stimulates the milk flow. Our massage cushion with a soft and velvety texture is warm to the touch, for a gentle and pleasant stimulation of the milk flow. The unique honeycomb cushion reproduces your baby’s feeding, to gently stimulate the milk flow. 

The breast pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport, for more discreet use on the go.

Small number of parts and intuitive design. Natural feeding bottle and teat included for a natural feeding The large nipple, imitating the shape of the breast, allows a natural feeding similar to that of the breast, which facilitates the alternation breast / feeding bottle for your baby.

Contains :

  • Breast pump body with handle
  • Standard massager cushion
  • Natural baby bottle 125 ml
  • Newborn extra-soft flow nipple
  • Travel cover Sealing disc for milk storage

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