Electric breast pump

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Inspired by babies, effective for moms.

A new era is dawning for breast pumps, with technology that strikes the perfect balance between suction and nipple stimulation, inspired by the way babies suckle. The Philips Avent electronic breast pump constantly optimizes milk flow and smoothly adapts to the size and shape of your nipples.

Natural movement technology for faster milk flow *

Express more milk in less time * with a cushion that stimulates and expresses milk just like babies. Switching seamlessly between stimulation and expression modes, it produces the intensity of nipple stimulation and suction to get the maximum amount of milk. Based on milk rise time (milk ejection reflex delay or REL). *

One size fits most flexible and adaptive silicone pad

A cushion size that is suitable for all types of nipples. Since there are as many breast sizes and shapes as there are moms, the soft silicone pad fits smoothly over your nipple. It is suitable for 99.98% of nipple sizes * (up to 30mm).

Express your milk without leaning forward

Express your milk comfortably with a design that lets you sit upright rather than lean forward. A forward leaning posture is unnecessary; comfort of the clinically proven pumping position * Based on results of clinical trials with 20 participants (2019); 90% of participants find the breast pumping position comfortable (simple electric); 95% of participants find the breast pumping position comfortable (double electric).

Personalized experience, 8 + 16 settings

Tailor each session to your needs with a wide range of stimulation and expression settings. Our breast pump offers 8 levels of stimulation and 16 levels of expression, for a personalized experience.

Quiet motor, for discreet use (wired use)

Express your milk where and when you want it thanks to our quiet motor and a compact design. Corded use only.

Small number of parts and intuitive assembly

Thanks to our closed pumping system, the milk does not flow through the pipes, which minimizes cleaning tasks. The reduced number of parts also allows for very easy assembly.

Memory function

Have you found the setting that suits you best? The breast pump automatically stores your last settings. So you just need to sit down and hit the start button.

Pause / walk function

If you need to make an adjustment or take a break, the start / pause button is always at your fingertips.