CHF 235.00

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During the first four months of the newborn’s life, CocoonaBaby – the ergonomic nest – will reassure baby and help it adapt smoothly to life after birth. Lying in CocoonaBaby, baby – who has lost the main bearings in his mother’s womb – feels surrounded and safe. In the CocoonaBaby ergonomic nest, the child adopts a pleasant position: semi-fetal, slightly rounded shoulders and spine. Very stable foam padding for ergonomic support. This position has many advantages: it allows the child to touch his face and bring his hands to his mouth as he did in the womb; it reduces the gastric reflux which so often disturbs babies during their first year; it limits the risks of plagiocephaly – a cranial deformation known under the term of flat head favored by lying flat on your back on a traditional mattress; it improves the quality and the duration of sleep, baby feeling reassured and being comfortably installed. Adjustable reducer for an ideal adaptation under baby’s feet.